Ratatouille (2007) 10/10!

January 28, 2008

He’s dying to become a chef.

Director: Brad Bird

Cinematography: Robert Anderson and Sharon Calahan

Screenplay: Brad Bird

Cast: Patton Oswalt and Lou Romano

Rating G
Country: USA
Language: English

Original music: Michael Giacchino


Remy (Oswalt) is a small rat with big dreams. Born with a particularly well-developed sense of smell, he has a taste for good food -contrary to his family, who have no qualms about eating trash. His passion for food occasionally puts him in danger due to his risky attempts at getting ‘the good stuff’ straight from humans’ kitchens. One of these adventures has the rodent whisked to Paris after discovering the work of Gusteau, a recently deceased chef who claims ‘Everyone can cook’. Remy ends up in the sewers below the chef’s famous restaurant and becomes friends with the new garbage boy, a clumsy redhead named Linguini (Romano). With a little teamwork, the pair’s recipes begin to restore the restaurant’s old fame.

When I heard there would be yet another animated film coming out, I was a little wary. I honestly had the thing boycotted until it came out on DVD and I kept hearing all the amazing reviews. I refused to let myself be swayed, determined to hate the kitchen rat just on the basis that I couldn’t deal with another boring cartoon… And boy am I glad I saw this film.

Pixar is very well known for their innovative and compelling stories, and they’ve completely surpassed any previous accomplishments with Ratatouille. From the breathtaking Parisian scenery to the amazingly realistic detailing, this movie is a visual treat whether you like animated films or not. The story is original, but has a classic feel to it which is reminiscent of older films such as Toy Story, and obviously has the occasional Pixar reference (ie Linguini’s boxers have the Incredibles logo).

The original music is also beautiful, and really gives a melodic feel to the movie.

I recommend Ratatouille for a light-hearted, good laugh which will no doubt please just about anyone. Ten expensive wines on ten!


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