Empty lockers? What??

So you’ve either stumbled onto here by accident or maybe on purpose, and you’re wondering what the frack? Yeah, well, so am I.

emptylockers is a project in the works, constantly changing and evolving to be as beast as possible. Movie reviews are the main goal here, but music, books and TV are finding their way into the mix as well (slowly, but surely). What makes our dear lockers better than everyone else’s? We review things that are old AND new, not to mention that your comments help fill in anything we’ve left out (see more on our Reference page!). We’ll even review stuff suggested by you, whoever you are.

Before you start roaming the site and looking for your next favorite movie, please keep in mind that we try reviewing as many films as possible with the time we have (which is very, very little). We aim for at least a review a week, any hiatus or other such things will be announced on the main page.

emptylockers is also interested in reviewing independent and student films. To know more about this, head over to the Contact page.



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